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Rodents are currently on the increase, they can cause serious health and safety risks to both humans and pets in residential and commercial property's.
Salmonella, Weils disease, E.coli, Cryptosporiosis and Tuberculosis are just some of the illness and diseses that rodents can cause.
Rats and mice are amazing creatures and live side by side us, we at Grantham Pest Control Services offer various methods of control and use the safest, fastest method depending on your circumstances, after our initial inspection of the problem.

The highly specialised nature of rodent incisors means that they can gnaw through substances, with apparent ease.  They can chew through electrical wires and cabling, causing fires; destroying communication systems and generally costing large sums of money, in terms of repair, down-time and lost information.

Homes, offices, factories - in fact almost every environment can all be damaged by gnawing with high repair bills following the event and this must all contribute to the cost of having rodent infestations.

Wherever food is stored, processed or eaten, rats and mice may be present. It is not only the amount of food they eat that causes problems, but also the amount of food they contaminate with their droppings (faeces), urine, hairs and in some cases carcasses, that must concern humans.  

Grantham Pest Control Services offer various means to control rodent infestation, whether residential , agricultural or commercial, and dependent on your own individual problem.

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