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A wasp nest is an extremely dangerous thing to have near any home or business. The most common places that wasps build their nests are in garages, sheds, loft spaces and wall cavities.

A queen wasp will start to build her nest in early spring, at this point the nest will be the size of a golf ball and will have between 6 - 12 larvae inside it which will turn into wasps.

During the summer months the queen will produce more worker wasps until the nest is at full capacity of around 5000. Throughout the summer months the original queen will reproduce more queens, it is these new queens that will start new nests either in the same area or near by.

A queen wasp will never use the same nest more than once.

A typical wasp nest could hold up to 6000 wasps.

Wasps have been around for thousands of years far longer than our modern buildings, like many creatures they adapt well to exploit our enviroment.

Grantham Pest Control Services offer our customers a fast solution to your wasp nest problem, we are Certified Wasp Control Technicians and will deal with your problem safely and swiftly.

Grantham Pest Control also treat Hornets, the majority of Hornets nest are clearly visible and set up in bushes, shrubs or trees. However they do make their nests in cracks and crevices or the old favourite unfilled service holes i.e. plumbing or electrical.
Hornets can be very agressive and will protect their nest, it is advisible to not go near a known nest and call us immediately.

Hornets Nest


Grantham Pest Control are proud to be conservationists for the Bee population in the UK. We can offer a relocation service in most cases for Bees that have invaded your homes and business's.
We will not exterminate bees unless there is no other choice and it is a risk to the publics health and safety.
All of our relocated Bee populations either go to the countryside or to local bee keepers.

Honey Bee Colony Relocated from inside property ceiling.

Honey Bee Combs and bees safley relocated

Tree Bees very common at the moment invading customers roofs relocated to the countryside

Bees going down chimney, relocated and chimney supplied with anti bee mesh to prevent further invasions